From the Pastor

OCTOBER 2017 started with there being joint meeting between the GREATER METRO DENVER MINISTERIAL ALLIANCE AND THE SOUTHERN COLORADO MINISTERIAL UNION. The African-American Churches from Denver, Colorado Springs, Cheyenne, Wyo and Pueblo come together for fellowship, encouragement and inspiration, We enjoyed our time with the brothers and sisters from across the state.

Pray for us as we continue to confront the evil, wickedness in the streets, alleys and open spaces around us. Pray as we endeavor to bring the Holy Spirit into the lives of the addicts, thieves, and sexual predators that roam in the Metro area.


Can you pray with us  for our Computer Lab?

We need a facilitator. Sister Wendy has resigned due to ill health.  Much needs to be  completed.  The use in the Computer Lab has dropped.  We have much to give to our community and need proper volunteers to help us facilitate out programs.  We have a place for you to serve the Lord!

Can you help with funding for insurance, fuel or drive one of our ministry vans?  We need individuals with a good driving history to pick up people who want to attend church. Repair for the vans is always a need. If you want to get experience in urban ministry, come and serve with us! 

We thank the Lord Jesus Christ for all the assistance with ministry to the homeless with Celebrate Recovery.  Pray for Chad and Justine as they serve with C&C Plus. They help people to get employment.  Pastor Randy, who ministers at Charity’s House needs prayer for relief from a recent concussion. Pray for him to continue preaching and teaching.   Pray he can get stabilized.

We need to get the HIV/AIDS Screening to gain momentum in our community. It's absolutely free! This experiment because African-American women still have high numbers and early detection can save lives.

Jacky Logan our Christian Education expert is seeking a youth ministry worker to help develop and grow our children's services. Who will help with the children and youth? Additionally, Reverend Lamont Shannon and the Rites of Passage Brotherhood ministry team have developed a new program for boys ages 10-18 every 2nd and 3rd Saturdays of the month. Please pray that we can work together to help our community's youth and for an increase in all our programs.

Our kitchen, meeting hall and bathroom floors are being renovated and we need workers to help us complete the job!  This has caused a temporary lapse in our weekly meals provided every Thursday @5 pm and Saturday @ 12 pm.  Please pray for rapid completion of this project so we can continue to serve the jobless, homeless and the hopeless people who need God's provision and strength!

Pray for my wife Eddie Mae and I as we serve our Lord Jesus Christ, family and the community we love. Our health and strength needs a boost. Come and share in ministry with us. Help us serve each other in Jesus’ Name.


Pastor Bob


Agape Christian Church

2501 California St

Denver CO 80205  303.296.2454