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​​​​​​​Charity's House Ministries

3022 Welton Street - Denver, CO 80205
Telephone: 303-291-0275

Fax: 303-291-0274

Our goal is to provide safe managed housing for all clients increasing life skills to reduce recidivism in a caring environment.

 We provide a life changing experience which helps our men transition from prison to community reintegration.

Charity's House Ministriesis a comprehensive faith-based transitional housing reentry program for men coming out of prison.

Our Mission is to assist men coming out of prison in transforming their lives internally, externally, and eternally into the image of God. Our Goal: is to provide safe, managed housing for all our clients.

Comprehensive Services provided are:

1.   Safe, clean, managed housing

2.   Biblical training

3.   Transforming Life Classes

4.   Restoration of the whole prison in the Social, Ecological Model

5.   Drug/Alcohol Classes (referrals)

6.   Stress Management (Keeping it Real)

7.   Mentoring

8.   Employment Referrals

9.   Life After Prison Reintegration

10. Friendship

11. Family

For more  information please contact CHM at 303-291-0275

To support our organization make your checks payable to Charity's House Ministries.  W  Please note:e are located in an enterprise zone qualifying for additional tax deductions.

May the Lord God richly bless your entire household and your extended family.

We also thank you for your support in this vital ministry.

In His Grace, Charity's House Ministries is a 501(c)3 ministry of the Community Outreach Service Center & Agape Christian Church.